Sutton Bonsai Society 2016 Program

Jan – 28th Suiseki (Stones) – Anwar Paldi
Feb – 25th Winter Club Workshop
Mar – 31st Club Auction
April – 28th Club Workshop
2-3rd April Wisley Weekend (1st Setup from 8am – 8pm)
May – 26th Club Show and Social
June – 30th Talk – Peter Warren Satski’s Assisted Workshop Separate Location
July – 28th Fun with Clay…. Details still in the mix
Aug – 25th Club Workshop
Sep – 29th Ken Leaver – Assisted Club Workshop
Oct – 27th Talk Peter Warren – TBD
Assisted Workshop Separate location
Nov – 24th Club Work Shop and Winter Preparation
Dec – 15th AGM and Social

Venue - 4th Ewell (Nonsuch) Scout Group, Bluegates, London Road,
Ewell, Surrey, KT17 2SA
Subs - £25 Single £45 Joint.
£15 per 6 months or £5 per Month as a Visitor or Guest


3 simple Club Rules

• Always bring a tree or pay a £1 fine on the evening.
• If the Kettle isn’t full or hot fill it and switch it on, Thanks!!
• If I forget to get the Penny Tree money out remind me.

Contact Details - Andy – 07958 372101 Daryn – 07789995746